• E6 Connect iOS Software, iPhone & iPad - iOS 11.2 or Later
  • 5 Golf Courses
  • 17 Practice Ranges and 3 Difficulty Settings
  • 3D Swing Analysis
  • USB Charging Cable Included

TruGolf Home Swing Studio

SKU: co1382135
  • The Home Swing Studio by TruGolf makes it possible to learn the game quickly and continually improve from the comfort of your home or on the road.

    The sensor captures 4 Critical Swing Characteristics:

    • Club Face Angle
    • Angle of Attack
    • Swing Tempo
    • Club Path

    These Swing Analytics are combined with E6 CONNECT’s ball flight algorithm to derive ball flight. As users change and control these data points, they control the ball inside E6 CONNECT. After each swing, a clearly understood swing analysis screen will appear and is color coded based on your performance. Users can interact with their data and see a 3D recreation of their Swing Plane and a graph of their swing tempo.

    Setup is Simple. Launch the App, Connect the Sensor, and Start Swinging

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